How are you coping up, Mama?

Life has been overwhelming this past few weeks. So many ideas going through my head. Business is doing well, but I’m having a hard time with my work schedule since the younger one has been clingy lately. When I need a breather, I just browse through a book (enjoying Kindle — best purchase it is!) and it helps me relax for a while. Everyday becomes routinary with motherhood tasks, business engagements, socmed updates and all.

Everyone else wonder why stay-at-home Moms feel sad or empty despite “JUST staying at home to watch over the kids all day”, let me be clear with it. Full time moms are (not always) but oftentimes unappreciated. When you do a great job in a corporate setting, the boss will most likely acknowledge your work. It’s just hugs and kisses here. You have to tell yourself that you are doing a good job. Being a full time Mom with no househelp is very challenging. 24 hours is not enough to do all the work. The emotional baggage makes it harder.

You cannot say you are tired. People think you are always available and you are not busy. It’s not justifiable to buy clothes, bags and makeups. You have to keep the house clean and tidy. You have to empty the laudry bin and iron clothes religiously. You have to cook food. You have all the time in the world to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I see you smiling Mama, you can relate right?

Let me tell you this. You deserve a break. People will judge you one way or another. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Learn to don’t give a f*ck in everything you see or hear. Breathe. Give yourself some time. Read a book. Learn a new skill. Join a mommy community. This will keep you sane. You can do this Momma!

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