BigHi Laundry Capsules : Is it worth the hype?

Laundry capsules (or laundry pods) has been on trend these days. With the pandemic letting people redecorate even the most unnoticeable part of their homes, these pods are often purchased and stored in clear jars to make the laundry area look more aesthetic. These washing pods contain concentrated liquid detergent, fabric softener and even stain removers. It is convenient and eco-friendly too, as long as you follow the instructions in using them, the capsules will dissolve completely in the wash.

I have seen a number of reviews for this specific brand so I opted to purchase it from Lazada. Delivery takes only 2 days. You just need to drop these pods in your washing machine first before putting the clothes. The number of pods to be used will depend on your wash load. I usually use 2 pods for around 20 pieces of clothing.

I like the smell of the Magic Fresh fragrance more. These pods certainly does the job of cleaning and taking out stains from the clothes. There is also no need to add any fabric softener. It is priced at P289 for a pack of 25 pcs which will last you about 12 washloads of 20-25 clothes per load. I got it on sale for only Php 170. I think it is still on sale now until June 9 for both Lazada and Shopee stores. I saw that Ariel and Tide also has this pods and I’m excited to try it too. Have you tried using pods too? Let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below.

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