Cheers to 2022!

Day 1 of 365: May all our goals this year be achieved! Let’s claim it 🤞

Each year, I write my goals in my journal where I can read it everyday. It’s true! You attract what you think. For 2022, it’s more hustle for this Momma!

When I was just starting to build my career, my goal is always to be on the senior level management by the time I am 35 and people calling me in my initials — SEH (means of calling senior excom members in a company). As I was browsing through my feed, I saw some batchmates already achieved that same dream. Surprisingly, I did not feel envious or sad for myself. Maybe because I learned that comparing myself with others will only do more harm than good. I only compare myself with no other than myself 😉 hence I am able to think of ways on how to improve more.

Housewives like me, please stop thinking and saying that you are just a housewife (and stop mom shaming please). Being a full time mom is like working for more than 1 job. You have demanding bosses too 🤣. Working moms and stay-at-home moms are just the same. They only do what’s best for their family.

I may not be called SEH now but I am CEO of my own small business and also being called by three letters — M O M. I realize that sometimes things will not work out as you planned but certainly more beautiful things will come your way. 2022 is not just another year, claim that this is YOUR year. Spreading positive vibes on the 1st day of the new year!! 💋✨

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