“I want to raise happy children, not perfect ones.”

My childhood was a happy one. Memories of afternoons playing with my sister and cousins. Sundays are spent doing groceries and bonding with my family. Evenings being tucked in bed by our Mom. Attending music lessons every Saturday.

I want to raise happy childre not perfect ones. This are my childhood photos.
Doing groceries every Sunday with my sister and parents. Our Annual recital in the music school.

“This whole pandemic has taken a toll on the mental and social health of children. Luckily, I have two daughters who can interact and play with each other. If it has been hard for us adults, imagine how it was like for them.”

Memories of my happy childhood.

I grew up without strict curfew. We were allowed to watch tv or play with our toys even on school days. It’s just that our Mom constantly reminds us about being responsible with our studies and to allot time for every task. I study hard because I know I need to do it for myself and for my future and not because my parents wanted me to study and to assure them that every penny spent on my education is worth it. That is one thing I want my children to learn — to grasps the true meaning of responsibility.

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As much as possible, I resist the urge to compare my daughters with each other, much more compare them with other kids. I want them to be the best version of themselves, competing with no one other than their own self. I praise them for their achievements, but at the same time I teach them how to be happy for other people’s success.

“I want them to be the best version of themselves, competing with no one other than their own self.”


I want them to learn how to be contented with what they have in their life right now but also to never stop dreaming and working hard until they reach their goals without stepping on others. It’s up to them what they want to be when they grow up — no pressure from us, we will support them along the way.

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No matter how busy we are with our everyday lives, we must see to it that we make time to talk and play with our kids. Parents nowadays are guilty of letting their kids play on mobile phones/tablets so that they can take some rest after a whole day’s work. I myself is guilty on this one but not to rest, but to be able to do some household chores. Yes, our children will remember the toys we bought for them, but the memories they will treasure the most are the moments we spent with them.

My parents did not raise us as perfect children: prim and proper individuals with straight A grades who can sing, paint, dance and act. But I was a happy child. I smile when I remember what was it like when I was a child. I can tell stories of my childhood to my kids and painting a smile on their faces. That’s what I want — to raise happy children, not perfect ones.

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