Best Mom-Approved Baby Products to Try

Being a second time Mom made me more confident to try new products and innovations for Eliana. There are many products now in the market which are multi-tasking and can really help you adjust to the crazy but fulfilling world of motherhood. Here are my best mom-approved baby products to try:

Haakaa Silicone Breastpump / Milk catcher

When I gave birth to Reilly in 2014, this was not yet in the market. Back then, there were milk catchers but I find it hard to use. This time with Eliana, this helped me so much in building my milk stash. I can save up to 4oz of my letdown milk in one go. It’s a wonderful product for breastfeeding moms especially those who need to store milk for their little ones. You can buy it online here.

Haakaa Silicone Milk Catcher
This is a game changer.

Lavie Lactation Massager

Goodbye clogged milk ducts! This product helped a lot with my milk flow. I use it before each feeding session after doing warm compress.

Buy it now and feel the difference!

Sunmum Breastmilk Storage bags

They have 3oz breastmilk bags perfect in storing liquid gold. It is also spill proof.

Organic Baby Wipes

When I discovered this brand of baby wipes, I never switched to other brands. This is the gentlest baby wipes I have used and it has no smell plus it’s thicker and softer than other brands. The best part of all? It’s 100% biodegradable! I always purchase mine from Mommabee Ph. You can check their Shopee account or IG account to order.

I always purchase mine from Mommabee PH. Click here for their shopee account.

Moby Dry Wipes

This is ideal for wiping the baby’s mouth and face area, and can be dipped in water for instant water wipes. It’s made from 100% cotton which makes it so soft and absorbent. This product is also biodegrable.

(C) mommabeeph

Moby Disposable Diaper bags

This neutralizes diaper odors with a baby powder scent. It is hygienic and has easy to tie handles for quick and easy diaper disposal.

No more smelly trash bin!

Moby Sterile Gauze Pads

This can be used to clean the baby’s mouth and tongue.

Utrafresh Ultra Thin Baby Dry Diapers

This ultra thin diapers is very absorbent and is not bulging and sagging when full. It is lightweight and flexible and keeps baby’s bum dry. Not to mention it’s affordable too!

They also have the pants version perfect for active toddlers!

How about you? Do you have any mom-approved product you might want to share to other moms? Comment down below!

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