#SherwinRecommends : Best online shopping finds for your home

Deerma DX700s Vacuum Cleaner

This is literally a life saver. For a full time Mom like me who has no househelp, this makes sweeping the floor a breeze. Broom who? I said goodbye to my broom!

Deerma Vacuum
Look at all the dirt! I thought our room is already clean! It picks up hair, dust and other fine particles.

The Deerma DX700s has a strong suction and can even get out dust mites from our sofa set! It has a HEPA filter which can theoretically remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns.

I bought it online for only Php1,750 including the shipping fee during the sale.

Click HERE to buy. Hurry! This unit is often always soldout.

Deerma 2in1 Vacuum DX700
Deerma DX700 (white) / DX700s (black)

Deerma Spray Mop

The Deerma Spray Mop works pretty well with my Deerma Vacuum. They are the perfect tandem! After removing all the dirt from the floor, I can easily spray water with disinfectant and mop the floor. This is important for me because I have kids who enjoy playing and lying down the floor.

It saves you from the hassle of having a separate pail with water and squeezing the mop head. This spray mop disperses water which makes the floor only slightly damp so there’s no need to wait for a long time before the floor dries up. It is also lightweight and the mop head is washable and replaceable.

It’s only Php698. You can buy it HERE.

Deerma Spray Mop
Deerma Spray Mop, Php698

Baumann Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

The Baumann Grind and Brew Coffee Maker makes my perfect cup from beans to rich brew in one step. It has a 4-cup glass caraffe and 40-minute keep warm feature. You can also choose from course grind, fine grind or coffee ground setting. It also has a brew-pause feature which lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing has finished. It has a removable, easy to clean water tank too!

It retails for Php4,699. Click HERE for the shop link.

Coffee nook at home
Here is my little coffee nook in our home.

Xiaomi Dispenser Faucet

This Xiaomi dispenser faucet is another game changer. It eliminates the difficulty of having to put a huge gallon of water upside down in the water dispenser. It has a soft touch feature for turning on/off. It is rechargeable and wireless. A full charge capacity will last you weeks.

It is available in this SHOP for only Php739.

Xiaomi Dispenser Faucet
Dispenser Faucet, Php739

Adam Esli Disinfectant Spray

If you love the scent of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea or the smell of cherry blossom, this is definitely a must have for you! Adam Esli Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% of germs and viruses found in enclosed areas and surfaces leaving a scent of safety and extra protection for the whole family.

Adam Esli Disinfectant Spray
Adam Esli Disinfectant Air Freshner, Php 165 each

6. Young Living Diffusers

At first, I am one of those who think that those using essential oils exaggerate when sharing their experiences in using it. But I was definitely wrong! Essential oils are heaven scent. We initially tried the SleepyIze blend first for the kids and it knocks out the kids in no time. I find joy and comfort in diffusing EOs especially at night because it helps improve our sleep quality. During the day, diffusing certain oils also energize and help us focus on our tasks.

Young Living Essential Oils
Feather the Owl diffuser

We have used other brand of diffusers before, but in terms of quality, we are hands down to Young Living Diffusers. We currently have Feather the owl diffuser and the dew drop diffuser. Price ranges from Php2K+ up to Php4K+. You will save more when you buy a PSK Kit. You can comment below or shoot me an email at sherwin.e.hilario@gmail.com if you are interested in learning about these oils.

Ready to buy your PSK kit? You can sign up here : http://bit.ly/3hCZI1A


This CCTV Camera has audio/video recording, you just need to put an SD memory card. A 64GB SD card can record up to 1 month/30 days before it erases the oldest record. It has 360 degrees control and panoramic HD feature as well as night vision. You can easily view the recordings/live view thru the app (compatible with IOS and Android). It costs only Php539. Talk about value for your money.

You can purchase it from this SHOP.

Tyeso Tumblers

Tyeso tumblers are definitely a steal! The cost is much more less than other brands which offer the same double wall insulation. This tumbler keeps my drinks hot or cold up to 12 hours. It retails for as low as only Php390 for a 600ml tumbler. They also have the Tyeso Takeaway Tumbler which has a handle and is convenient to bring when going out.

Here are the shop links :

Tyeso Tumbler – https://bit.ly/3bI2E9w

Tyeso Takeaway tumbler – https://bit.ly/3oC40rs

Tyeso Double Insulated tumbler
Tyeso Takeaway Tumbler

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