What does a Stay-at-Home Mom do?

It has been a tiring but fruitful week for me being a full time stay-at-home mom with no househelp (again!) after 6 months. With my eldest attending online classes in the morning, I can’t get anything done since she needs assistance. Add up my ever clingy 1 year old who always calls “Mom mom” whenever I go out of her sight.

Ellie attending Cocomelon University while Ate is doing tasks for her online class. Don’t worry, their gadget time is limited.

But then I get to accomplish my to-do list little by little, thank God! I was able to organize the laundry area in the garage, with the help of my husband. This was a long overdue task!

DIY steel cabinet is from Shopee

I was able to finish the week’s laundry even if it means carrying Eliana while hanging the washed clothes.

Batch 1 of my laundry. There’s batch 2 and 3.

It was a week of endless sweeping the floor, organizing things, washing the dishes, 10 minute showers and cooking. It makes my body ache but I could not be any happier! Being with my kids and attending to their needs, teaching them, playing with them is priceless. Oh, and I burn more calories now than before!

Tiger balm patches to the rescue! This helps in backache and body pain.

Adding to my list of tasks is managing my online businesses. Please do check them out!

  • Scents Etc PH when you need authentic and affordable tester perfumes.
  • Reilly’s Closet PH is the new home for Babe Formula products. You can also find trinkets here.
  • Milkookies PH for yummy and delicious lactation and non-lactation cookies.

I simply don’t know where I get all the energy to perform all these! I thank the Lord for giving me strength and wisdom for this to be done. Can you relate? However tiring or draining it may be, you go momma!

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