Happy 2021!

It’s day 1 of 365 for the year 2021. The past year has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us because of the worldwide pandemic caused by the CoVid-19 virus. We are all hoping for a better year ahead! I always tell my husband that we our blessed despite everything because our family is healthy and safe.

Anyway, I’m back to being a full time wife/mommy without any househelp. I’m thinking of ways how can I adjust again since it’s a different scenario now. My eldest is attending online classes in the morning which I need to supervise and our bunso is now on the ‘exploration’ stage since she is already starting to walk. Any tips from mommies out there?

I’m still thankful though that husband is still working from home. But then, I am confident that I can juggle everything including managing my small online businesses with proper time management. It’s been awhile since I updated this blog. It feels good to be able to write again. I miss this!

Happy New Year to all!

Happy 2021 from Team Hilario 🙂

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