To my husband — you are my home.

The past decade of my life has been a roller coaster ride.

    My heart was broken.
    Met the right one.
    Had a boyfriend.
    Got engaged.
    Got married.
    Struggled with getting pregnant.
    Had my first child.
    Career was on peak.
    Resigned from work.
    Had my second child.

Do you know what was common in all these things? It all led me to YOU. You were there at the right moment when I had a broken heart. You waited and proved to be the right one when my heart was completely healed. We got together, got engaged then got married. Afterwhich we struggled to have a child but we succeeded. You inspired me to work hard because you know I love my job, but you supported my decision to resign from work to take care of our baby. And finally, we had our second miracle!

Everyday we tell each other I love you. But it’s not everyday I got the chance to say thank you. Thank you for your hardwork and sacrifices. Thank you for providing for our family. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for being my strength. It’s true that everyone perceive me as a super woman, someone who can do anything and everything possible. But you are the only person who have seen me at my weakest and never left. Instead you picked up my every piece and hugged me tight to make me whole again.

Whatever life throws at us, wherever life brings us, do not forget that it will always lead me back to you because YOU ARE MY HOME.

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