Review : Transwhite beauty kit

The transwhite beauty kit is my all time skin saver! It is my run-to skin regimen when I want that certain glow. Recently,I got breakouts from using Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation. I used this for a week and my skin cleared, as expected.

My skin with breakouts

The kit includes a papaya bar, rejuvenating toner, rejuvenating cream, antiblemish cream and sunblock spf30.

The Rejuvenating facial toner cleanses the skin, removes impurities such as dirt and oil. This is the next step after washing your face using the papaya soap.

The rejuvenating cream makes your skin look firmer, tighter and more radiant. It is anti-aging and whitening effect.

The anti-blemish cream makes skin clearer, brighter and smoother looking. It also minimizes lines as it lightens the blemishes.

Both creams are to be used at night since have thick consistencies but does not leave an icky feeling. The sunblock cream shall be used in the morning after the toner.

7 days after using the kit

Overall, I rate this product 5/5. It is available for order in @reillysclosetph (Instagram).

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