Review: Sarah’s Strawberry Marmalade & Pure, Raw Honey

I ordered Sarah’s Strawberry Marmalade (Php 260 for 480g) and Pure Honey (Php 350 for 370g) last May. I was impressed by the fast transaction (paid today and received the item the next day) and the product packaging. I even got a free strawberry keychain!


Strawberry Marmalade & Pure Honey

Why choose Sarah’s 100% Pure Honey? (From IG account : @sarsified)

  • 100% Pure Honey. No sugar, water or any other ingredient allowing the honey to retain all the vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients.
  • Organic. Made using organic methods in raising bees, using natural compounds instead of pesticides, moving bees from area to area following the natural flowering cycle of the land.
  • Conforming to the standards of CODEX Alimentarius & European Honey Directive through National Center for Bee Research & Development in UPLB.
  • Bee keepers are well trained by experts from abroad equipped with beekeeping knowledge.
  • Passed the laboratory test for export in European Union in Belgium.
  • GMP Certified. Hygienic procedure is observed during extraction and bottling. Honey extraction is almost done by machine and not by hand in squeezing of combs.
  • Halal certified

Sarah’s Strawberry marmalade is made from freshly-picked strawberries from the mountain top of Benguet. It is made in small batches to ensure freshness in every jar.

You can purchase via their instagram account (@sarsified) and several outlets in Metro Manila. You may also visit their FB page.

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