Loyalty and faithfulness

For me, it has always been a puzzling idea why there are some people who manage to cheat on their partners. It breaks my heart whenever I learn that a friend experiences it, and I really can’t think of any justifiable reason why the other party has to do it. 

  During the onset of dating and courtship, a person tend to put his/her best foot forward. As time passes, differences appear and this is where the conflict begins. The challenge is being able to accept each other’s differences despite and inspite every situation and how you will work it out to compliment each other, meet halfway and compromise. 

Once you commit into a relationship, you are bound to stay loyal and faithful to the other person. You have to learn how to resist temptations. Successful relationships are not smoothsailing. Problems and obstacles come and go. And these things make the relationship stronger. 

Oftentimes, people who cheat use the ‘it’s-not-you-it’s-me’ reason. Sometimes, they say they have fallen out of love or got bored. If you really love the person with all your heart, you will always find reasons and ways to love him/her more each day or how you will spice things up. 

So, to my friends who have been cheated, cheer up and thank God. Things happen for a reason. You should not regret anything just because you gave your all. You can find someone who will love you more than he/she loves you but that cheater cannot find anybody who will love him/her as much as you did.

Still, the bottomline is — regardless if you’re not happy with the relationship anymore or the other person has shortcomings, cheating is, was and shall never be an option.

PS. I am one lucky girl who have a husband who values loyalty and faithfulness the same way that I do. 😉

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