Lessons from Courageous Caitie

Caitlin Soleil Lucas or more commonly known as ‘Courageous Caitie’ is a three year old girl who was diagnosed with JMML (Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia), a rare cancer of the blood affecting infants and toddlers. She passed away last March 31, 2016 while confined at National University Hospital in Singapore.

I started following Caitie’s journey when I saw a friend share a link to her Facebook page. That time, her family is preparing to go to Singapore since there is no clear diagnosis of her sickness here in the Philippines. Since then, I have included her and her family in my prayers and I hope that she will be healed. Caitie’s story immediately found a place in my heart, maybe due to the fact that I too, am a mother of a little girl with almost the same age as Caitie.

Courageous Catie (Photo from her FB page)

I was happy when Caitie was discharged from the hospital. I felt sad when I learned that she was confined again. I was really hoping that she will be well and recover in time. I know you may disagree, but I honestly felt the pain her parents are going through during those times especially Feliz’. It’s really hard for a mother to see her child suffer. As a mom, it’s the hardest part. If only you can take it all away from your child, you will. I salute them for keeping the faith.

It brought me back to the time when I gave birth to Reilly, my daughter. She was just a day old when she was confined in the hospital due to sepsis. I felt helpless since I just gave birth, via caesarian section, and I can’t do anything for my child. I prayed hard, asked Him to take care of my daughter. I know that He will not let anything bad happen to her. We waited long enough to have her. Reilly completed our family. My husband and I was so worried. The first time I saw her with an IV, my heart was shattered. How can a baby this small endure such pain?


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My daughter, Reilly Francesca

The moment I saw the post about Caitie’s passing, I was crushed. I cried and said a silent prayer. I was affected. I can feel the pain. I wanted to go home on that exact moment and just hug my baby. I asked why? She was so innocent and she deserved more years to enjoy her life. On the other side, I am happy for her. No more pain, no more tests, no more sickness to endure.

Caitie’s experience taught me to trust in the Lord. Everything happens for a reason, at the right time and place. I also admire how her parents, Jayjay and Feliz, handled the situation. I salute them for having the strength, most especially during those times that hope seems lost. I want to congratulate them for raising such a wonderful kid. If Caitie was here, I am certain that she will tell you that everything was worth it.

2 thoughts on “Lessons from Courageous Caitie

  1. Its a pity it had to end this way. I can understand what it feels like.I had a difficult case with my son too immediately after birth but God being so ki d preserved him for me.It shall be well.Rip sweetheart.

    1. Hi Irene, I admire Caitie’s parents so much that they are able to withstand the pain and still have strength despite the situation they are going through.

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